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Don't Touch My Booty

Pirate-Theme Card GameAbout

In this card game, you are a treasure hungry pirate looking to stash the most treasure. Rival pirates are everywhere looking to rob you blind.

Compete by building a stack of matching treasure cards. Be careful! Your top set can be stolen by other players, making it more valuable. ARRGH! Find pairs of treasure cards and bury them in your treasure hoard. The further down they are buried, the safer they are. Use single cards to steal treasure from other pirates. If you play all of your cards, that’s “booty” and you dig for treasure on the treasure island. The pirate with the highest valued treasure at the end of the game wins. Are you cunning enough to steal, block and re-steal your way to the largest treasure hoard? 2+ players. 20 minute play. Includes 104 cards, rules.

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from 5 Years - Teen