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Screen Time Buster 5 - 7 Years


5-7 Years

Children are spending far too much time each day in front of a screen, from small handheld devices to large high-def televisions. With many, if not most, children starting the next school year learning remotely, their screen time will increase dramatically. Discovery Toys kid-powered learning-through-play products deliver a hands-on alternative to help fill a child’s free time with fun + enrichment. Play with Discovery Toys engages the mind and body for a more productive and long-lasting learning experience.

This bundle includes 4 best sellers offering multiple types of play for hours of hands-on fun, challenge, and creativity.


5 years+

Unique scavenger hunt for all ages & abilities! Just pick a card and the race is on! A fun illustration of the description appears on one side of the card, with the matching written description in 3 languages on the other side. Many descriptors leave room for interpretation. Special challenge cards included to spice up the hunt. 84 Description Cards in 2 challenge levels, 11 Challenge Cards, instructions.


5 years+

Spark your creativity with this open-ended artsy set of 7 snowflake shapes that easily slot together to form just about anything your imagination can dream up. Suggested designs are included to get you started, but the sky is the limit. Handy storage jar with handle. 98 snowflake discs in 7 shapes and 7 colors.



7 years+

Transport yourself into another world with this collection of classic metal and wood puzzles inspired by a timeless literary masterpiece. Includes 5 puzzles that represent an important artifact or character from the book. The back of the beautiful display box includes quotes from the story that connect to their corresponding puzzle.


5 years+

Build your own Mini Maze with multi-colored plastic pieces, which fit together like a puzzle. Experiment with a small number of pieces. Add more pieces for a larger maze-like run. Various combinations available. One structure included in the instructions. 98 track pieces, 5 base plates, 5 mini balls, instructions.