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Puzzle Play Trays

This ideal first set of puzzles is also a versatile learning tool.  The textured chunky pieces fit into three differently themed trays to teach shape recognition, categorization and fine motor dexterity.  The 12 fun shapes can also be used for sorting and matching activities, stenciling, clay stamping, imaginary play, and even cookie cutting.

  Trays 8” x 8” / 20 x 20cm.


Formerly called Place & Trace.

From 2 years – primary school


Cleaning Instructions:
Immerse in warm water. OK to add dish detergent. Wipe any dirt with a cloth. Completely rinse with water. Air dry.

Avg. Customer Review:  
  The toy that does it all!,
Tammy Kim-Newman  ()
  Best multi-use product!,
Megan Lee  ()