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Skill Builders! Toddler Skills

Play your way to school-ready toddler skills with these fun, quick activities!

This 41-piece set's hands-on activities help kids learn and retain lessons in counting, color recognition, matching, and early letter skills through fun, kid-powered hands-on play. Plus, the built-in carrying case lets you take the learning on the go! 

Includes 5 diverse counting kids, 5 large plastic numerals, 26 double-sided alphabet tiles, and 5 double-sided number/color cards.  Alphabet tiles feature upper & lower case letters on one side and corresponding phonetic object on the other side.  Number/color cards feature numeral & matching quantity on one side and color on the other side.  Plastic numerals sized to fit right on the cards.

  Includes parent guide with a host of learning activities.

2 Years+