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A New Alphabet For Humanity

By Leesa McGregor

A book of heart-based values for raising kind, confident and caring kids.

Features 26 empowering alphabet lessons to nurture your child's social and emotional intelligence, to bring out their best and create a bright future for humanity!  Each page features a letter with an associated empowering word like compassion, gratitude, empathy, mindful, respectful, and joyful, along with an easy to understand definition.

This book provides a simple framework to teach children how to connect with their hearts and become the best version of themselves. To be compassionate, kind and loving to people and the planet. To learn the power of positive words that can instill the values and qualities we all desire. The end of the book includes empowering questions to continue the conversation with your child about the words.

 Hardcover picture book, 34 pages.

For every book sold, the publisher plants a tree.

3 years+