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Outdoor Chalk Fun

Have a blast creating your own sidewalk art or fun messages with this set of 8 large low-dust chalk sticks and 3 different types of chalk holders. 

The quick release design allows kids to replace chalk sticks in a snap.  The compact, kid-sized rake fits 3 chalk sticks and allows for drawing multiple colored lines simultaneously.   The side-stroke holder can be used vertically for writing or drawing in a normal fashion or horizontally to create broad brush-like strokes.  The slide & lock holder secures a single chalk stick in place for more fine point control. 

  Guide features over a dozen fun outdoor chalk activities and games.  Holders are compatible with similar size rounded sidewalk chalk available at many retail locations. 

  Includes 3-stick chalk rake, side-stroke holder, 2 slide & lock holders, 3 pointed sidewalk chalk, 5 rounded sidewalk chalk, activity guide. 

Stain Advisement:

Sidewalk chalk is intended for use on concrete or asphalt sidewalks and driveways. Before use, test on small area and wash off to make sure chalk does not stain surface. Sidewalk chalk contains colorants, which may stain clothing and other household surfaces. DO NOT USE ON SURFACES LESS THAN SIX MONTHS OLD.

3 years & up

 Unconditional product warranty within 30 days